VIP Flight Attendant Training- Training Solutions welcomes 1100th participant

Swiss based VIP cabin attendant training education specialist Training Solutions recently welcomed the 1100th cabin attendant to the 164th VIP cabin crew course in Geneva.

Our unique VIP cabin attendant training courses have been offered on a monthly basis since 2007, welcoming both commercial flight  attendants who wish to work on board bombardier-global-expressprivate jets and experienced VIP cabin crew who wish to improve their knowledge and learn the latest trends. All courses are based on hands-on or learning by doing, small groups ensure personal attention and that participants are involved throughout the two day courses.

Our comprehensive training courses, covering all aspects of customer service excellence and soft skills, are solely delieveredby Dietmar Duller, the founder and course leader of Training Solutions. Cabin crew working on private jets are ambassadors for their companies, with many business aviation companies sending indidivuals when they start their career in business aviation.

Dietmar Duller says that helping cabin attendants to progress in their career is something that makes me proud, as it is rewarding when you are able to help others to reach their goal.

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