Training Solutions introduces in-flight child care excellence training for VIP flight attendants

Swiss based corporate flight attendant training education specialist Training Solutions has developed in-flight child care excellence as new training topic.


The number of children flying on private jets in constantly rising and these young guests have special requirements which need to be meet and should be exceeded., Taking very good care of them should be on the priority list of every VIP flight attendant and it starts with the preparation of the cabin which should include a child friendly selection of age suitable toys, educational books and DVD’s which have a learning outcome. As soon as children board the private jet they should be offered some food items as they are often hungry, and small cutleries, glasses without a stem and children menus should be a standard. When preparing and serving children meals and snacks the attendants need to adhere to any religious requirements and observe the parental preferences. The child’s profile has to be frequently updated and it needs to include all food allergies such as milk and dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts and seafood as they represent 90% of all food allergies on children. Bedtime for children is another issue and therefore dangerous items like balloons, coins, marbles and toys that can be squeezed into the child’s mouth should never be close by and need to be avoided. Cabin safety is the most important of all and it has to be ensured that the child has an enjoyable and safe flight. If parents are onboard, the behaviour of their children will greatly influence the overall in-flight experience of the parents and therefore it deserves special attention, states Dietmar Duller, the Founder and Course Leader of Training Solutions who has personally conducted over 110 VIP flight attendant training courses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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