Training Solutions trains 750th VIP flight attendant – Media article in Business Jet Interior International

Training Solutions trains 750th VIP flight attendant

Switzerland-based Training Solutions has welcomed the 750th VIP flight attendant to its customer service excellence training course.

“To raise the level of service in the cabin on board business jets you must start with education,” said Dietmar Duller (pictured), founder and course leader at Training Solutions. “The flight attendant is the link between the company and the client, so educating them and providing them with the tools to exceed their clients’ expectations is essential.”

Since 2007, Duller has conducted more than 110 training courses in 10 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with each course lasting 2-4 days. Training topics include private-jet-specific table setting, serving luxury food items, personalised tea and beverage service, food safety and HACCP, inflight childcare excellence, cultural differences, plus many other soft skills.

For the fifth consecutive year, monthly open participation courses for existing and future VIP flight attendants are being offered in Geneva, Switzerland. The company says flight attendants with a background in commercial aviation can use these courses as a path to their dream job, and business aviation companies also send existing VIP flight attendants on the courses to bring them up-to-date with the latest trends and standards. Internationally recognised certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the training course.

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