Business aviation consulting for in-flight departments

From January 2014, Training Solutions will offer professional consulting services for business aviation in-flight departments. For many years business aviation companies have asked for professional advice when it comes to updating or creating a corporate flight attendant manual, establishing standard operating procedures, improving the cabin and bathroom decoration or creating guidelines in respect to grooming and appearance. Many business aviation companies grow very quickly and once a certain size is reached SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are very useful business tools which ensure consistency, professionalism and the highest level of customer service is provided at all times. Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions has personally conducted more than 100 training courses on which over 700 private jet flight attendants from 40 countries have participated, and he uses all of his accumulated knowledge to help his clients. As many of his clients also charter their aircrafts, it is very important to maintain standards in order to ensure that the business aviation customer always gets the same high quality service. Flights on a private or business jet are intangible services and unlike other luxury purchases, once the flight is over the client has nothing to show for it. Therefore it is very important that the private jet flight attendants always perform at their very best, as this will leave a good impression. Providing suggestions to business aviation companies and helping them to achieve their goals quickly is a priviledge and my business aviation consulting service for in-flight departments has been designed to help many companies in the future.

For details please contact or have a look at Aircraft with sun set

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