Food Safety and HACCP Training for VIP Flight Attendants

fresh seafoodHazard Analytical Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the worldwide international standard for food safety. Training Solutions has conducted HAACP and food safety training courses since 2010 as part of the customer service excellence training program. Private jet flight attendants are responsible for receiving, storing, preparing and serving food items onboard their private jets, so they need to have both firm knowledge and a good understanding of food safety. Knowing the temperature danger zone for food items is therefore a must for any private jet flight attendant, as they are responsible for serving safe gourmet food items to their clients and pilots. It also needs to be considered that private jets go to any destination around the world and the worldwide food hygiene guidelines vary very much, especially if you have to travel to certain places in Africa. Special attention should be given to potentially hazardous food items such as eggs, milk and dairy products, starches, meats, poultry, fish and seafood as they could cause food poisoning if stored and prepared incorrectly. Proper cleaning of the working surface and all items used for the preparation of gourmet food is very important and the correct procedure need to be followed at all times. Private jet flight attendants can protect their clients and cockpit crew by making personal hygiene a priority, by looking at everything with a critical eye, keeping the working environment very clean at all times, by knowing the food temperature danger zone and by identifying potentially hazardous food items. Many private jet flight attendants have already started to use plastic gloves routinely when working in the galley, and this is becoming the standard throughout business aviation.

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