750th VIP Flight Attendant participates on a training

Training Solutions celebrates training its 750th VIP Flight Attendant.
Training Solutions, the Swiss based flight attendant training education specialist has this month welcomed the 750th VIP flight attendant to its customer service excellence training course.
Dietmar Duller, the founder and course leader of Training Solutions says, “In order to raise the level of service in the cabin onboard business jets you must start with education. The flight attendant is the link between the company and the client, so educating them and providing them with the tools to exceed their client expectations is essenImagetial.
Thirty chief flight attendants, representing most major business aviation companies in Europe and in the Middle East have participated and confirmed that Training Solutions has both set new standards in VIP flight attendant training and raised the level of customer service offered to clients.
Since 2007 Dietmar Duller has personally conducted over 110 training courses in ten countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with each training course lasting between two to four days. Training topics include private jet specific table setting, serving luxury food items, personalized tea and beverage service, food safety and HACCP, in-flight childcare excellence and cultural differences plus many other soft skills.
For the 5th consecutive year, the monthly open participation courses for exiting and future VIP flight attendants are being offered in Geneva, Switzerland. Flight attendants with a commercial aviation background successfully use these courses as a path to make their dream job become reality. Business aviation companies send their existing VIP flight attendants on the courses to bring them up-to date with all the latest trends and standards.
Internationally recognized certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the training course and they are proving to be a valuable addition to the participants Curricula Vitae.

Private Jet Flight Attendant Training Dates for 2014- Training for experienced and future VIP Flight Attendants.

1185360_414455328666435_1996632464_nBelow you find my VIP Flight Attendant training dates for 2014.

This training program has run successfully since June 2010; it takes place in Geneva, Switzerland and hundreds of corporate flight attendants have participated on it.

Future corporate flight attendants who wish to break into business aviation are welcome to participate, and it focuses on the important aspects of a corporate flight attendant.

VIP Flight Attendant Training Dates for 2014

January 18- 19
February 15-16
March 15-16
April 19-20
May 17-18
June 14-15
July 19-20
August 16-17
September 20-21
October 18-19
November 15-16
December 13-14

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The training program is constantly updated towards the latest trends, and existing corporate flight attendants who wish to improve their skills frequently participate in it.

Training is based on “hands- on” or “learning by doing” and every training course is conducted by Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions.

VIP flight attendant training topics day 1:

• In-flight silver service techniques
• Private jet specific table setting
• Service protocol
• Serving luxury food items: caviar, sushi and sashimi…
• Serving tea and the important factors that affects the quality
• Opening and tasting of Champagne, white Burgundy…
• Personalized after dinner drink service
• Implications of meals and drinks served at high altitude
• Special foods: Halal and Kosher
• Religions onboard

VIP flight attendant training topics day 2:

• In-flight food safety and HACCP
• Business aviation catering guidelines and menu examples
• Corporate identity
• Flight attendant philosophy and attitude
• Handling difficult situations
• Protocol: Head of States and Royals
• Eye for detail: cabin and bathroom presentations
• Private jet specific Standard Operating Procedures
• Client profiles
• In-flight child care excellence
• Cultural differences
• Exceeding customer expectations
• Latest corporate flight attendant trends

You are welcome to contact me at dietmar.duller@trainingsolutions.ch for details and the pricing.

700 flight attendants from 40 countries have participated on 100 courses since 2007.

VIP Flight Attendants flying to Sochi- useful information about the Winter Olympics 2014

Below you find a great article from the NBAA about flying into Sochi.

Flying to the Sochi Olympics? Start Planning Now.

For operators planning flights to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, it’s critical to start making arrangements well in advance, according to NBAA’s Air Traffic Services (ATS).

“Even experienced international travelers familiar with this region may face challenges with special security procedures and airport restrictions,” said John Kosak, air traffic management specialist for NBAA ATS. “We strongly recommend operators work with a third-party flight planning service or a local handler.”

Sochi is located on Russia’s mountainous coast along the Black Sea, and with the Olympic Games scheduled there for Feb. 7 to 23, and the Paralympic Games slated for March 7 to 16, many of these special procedures will be in effect for the entire winter season, beginning on Jan. 1 and continuing through April 30.

Arrival slots and landing permits will be required at Sochi International Airport (URSS), and parking will be highly restricted – only available to flights carrying government officials, Olympic Committee members or qualified sponsors.

“The majority of business aircraft flights to Sochi International during the Games will be drop-and-go operations,” said Jerri Banks, team manager for ELATE Teams at Universal Weather & Aviation. “With your landing permit, you’ll be assigned a two-hour window on the ground. Operators need to be flexible, because the window they’re assigned may not be the window they requested.”

With parking restricted, nearly all operators will need to utilize an alternate airport. The official alternate for Sochi is Krasnodar International (URKK), but only 50 parking spaces are available on that airfield.

“When you look at nearby airports, parking at the Russian alternates is going to fill up very quickly,” said Banks. “We’ve been designing flight plans for many of our customers that have them parking at airports in Kiev, Istanbul or Athens, which is the farthest [of the alternates], and only a 90-minute flight from Sochi.”

Except for flights carrying government officials, no customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) services will be available to business aircraft at Sochi International, so most business aircraft flights will need to enter Russia through an approved airport-of-entry (AOE). Krasnodar International is an AOE, as are several nearby airports, but any Russian airport with CIQ services for business aviation should be acceptable.

During the Olympics, Sochi International is expected to see more than 200 business aircraft movements (arrivals and departures) per day, more than 70 times the typical traffic at the airport, according to Banks.

“They’ve been giving us assurances that tower and ground crews will be able to accommodate this increase in traffic, but operators might see some delays,” said Banks. “Ramps services, already limited at URSS, are also going to be in very high demand.”

There is no underground fuel pumping system at URSS, and only three fuel trucks will be serving the entire airfield, said Banks. “We highly recommend business aircraft carry enough fuel to hold in the air, in case of delays, and fly to their next destination without uplifting [fuel] at URSS.”

Fuel, de-icing and other ramp services should be requested well in advance.

“We’re urging our customers to give plenty of advance notice and be flexible,” said Banks.

For up-to-date information on operations to and around Sochi, review NBAA’s Sochi 2014 Olympics resource page.

I hope this article will help you in the preparation for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi.

Kind regards,

Dietmar Duller
Expert for Corporate Flight Attendant Training in Customer Service Excellence

Business aviation consulting for in-flight departments

From January 2014, Training Solutions will offer professional consulting services for business aviation in-flight departments. For many years business aviation companies have asked for professional advice when it comes to updating or creating a corporate flight attendant manual, establishing standard operating procedures, improving the cabin and bathroom decoration or creating guidelines in respect to grooming and appearance. Many business aviation companies grow very quickly and once a certain size is reached SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are very useful business tools which ensure consistency, professionalism and the highest level of customer service is provided at all times. Dietmar Duller, the Founder & Course Leader of Training Solutions has personally conducted more than 100 training courses on which over 700 private jet flight attendants from 40 countries have participated, and he uses all of his accumulated knowledge to help his clients. As many of his clients also charter their aircrafts, it is very important to maintain standards in order to ensure that the business aviation customer always gets the same high quality service. Flights on a private or business jet are intangible services and unlike other luxury purchases, once the flight is over the client has nothing to show for it. Therefore it is very important that the private jet flight attendants always perform at their very best, as this will leave a good impression. Providing suggestions to business aviation companies and helping them to achieve their goals quickly is a priviledge and my business aviation consulting service for in-flight departments has been designed to help many companies in the future.

For details please contact dietmar.duller@trainingsolutions.ch or have a look at http://www.trainingsolutions.ch Aircraft with sun set

Food Safety and HACCP Training for VIP Flight Attendants

fresh seafoodHazard Analytical Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the worldwide international standard for food safety. Training Solutions has conducted HAACP and food safety training courses since 2010 as part of the customer service excellence training program. Private jet flight attendants are responsible for receiving, storing, preparing and serving food items onboard their private jets, so they need to have both firm knowledge and a good understanding of food safety. Knowing the temperature danger zone for food items is therefore a must for any private jet flight attendant, as they are responsible for serving safe gourmet food items to their clients and pilots. It also needs to be considered that private jets go to any destination around the world and the worldwide food hygiene guidelines vary very much, especially if you have to travel to certain places in Africa. Special attention should be given to potentially hazardous food items such as eggs, milk and dairy products, starches, meats, poultry, fish and seafood as they could cause food poisoning if stored and prepared incorrectly. Proper cleaning of the working surface and all items used for the preparation of gourmet food is very important and the correct procedure need to be followed at all times. Private jet flight attendants can protect their clients and cockpit crew by making personal hygiene a priority, by looking at everything with a critical eye, keeping the working environment very clean at all times, by knowing the food temperature danger zone and by identifying potentially hazardous food items. Many private jet flight attendants have already started to use plastic gloves routinely when working in the galley, and this is becoming the standard throughout business aviation.

For more details please contact dietmar.duller@trainingsolutions.ch or visit http://www.trainingsolutions.ch

Private Jet Flight Attendant Training- Interview with Dietmar Duller- International media article

Private Jet Flight Attendant Training- Interview with Dietmar Duller

VIP Flight Attendant Training Dates for 2014

Confident Airhostess And Pilot Standing On Ladder Of Private Jet

For the fifth consecutive year, Training Solutions is offering a monthly, open participation VIP flight attendant training course in Geneva, Switzerland. This training course frequently welcomes VIP flight attendants who would like to get to know the latest trends and keep up-to-date with what is happening in the industry. Business aviation companies from all over Europe, Russia and the Middle East send individual VIP flight attendants to participate and the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants, is just one of the many benefits.

Flight attendants with a commercial aviation background in either business or first class regularly participate as the training course helps them to acquire a better understanding of the business aviation industry and all of its specific challenges. Many commercial flight attendants have also used the course as an opportunity to break into the business aviation industry.

Training takes place in Geneva, Switzerland and with the training location only 5 minutes away from Geneva airport, it is a very convenient training location.

VIP flight attendant training is very comprehensive and covers the following topics; private jet specific table setting, serving luxury food items, effects of meals and drinks served at high altitude, in-flight food safety and HACCP, private jet specific standard operating procedures, client profiles and the importance of discretion, eye for detail: cabin and bathroom decorations, protocol: Heads of States and members of Royal families, in-flight child care excellence, exceeding customer expectations and cultural differences.

The monthly held VIP flight attendant training courses take place in the middle of every month and all training dates for 2014 are online at http://www.trainingsolutions.ch

You are welcome to contact dietmar.duller@trainingsolutions.ch for details.