Requirements are

Female, age 30- 38

Fluent in English (other languages will be a benefit)

European or Middle East based (needs to have a passport which allows her to move freely)

Experience in the Middle East is a benefit but not required

Extensive corporate/business aviation experience

Duties will include taking responsibility for the effective management of the small group of flight attendants

Must be an excellent communicator

Able to take the initiative and be flexible to the needs of the operation

Responsibilities will include flight attendant rostering/planning, catering practices and service delivery, a/c inventories and onboard SEP/FIRST AID equipment

Will assist with the development of “best practices” safety and emergency training

Preference will be shown to those candidates who have previous experience as Lead Flight Attendant in a multi-crew corporate operation.

This private operation offers the following

1 month on/ 1 month off

Flights to go to work and come back are paid by the company

Family owned aircraft (no charter flights)

Trial flight required

Excellent remuneration package including health and dental care, life insurance, high-end sea view furnished apartment and use of a car

This job allows you to life in Europe and work in the Middle East!

Please forward your  CV with two professional pictures (head and full body in business dress) to dietmar.duller@trainingsolutions.ch 

Kindly be aware that only applicants which fulfill all requirments will be notified. Thank you for your understanding.

Dietmar Duller, Expert for Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Recruitment, http://www.trainingsolutions.ch

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