Corporate Flight Attendant CURRICULUM VITAE

This week I had two very good job offers for the Middle East posted and I have received many CV’s with mistakes again. I therefore have decided to post the major mistakes which Corporate Flight Attendants make on their CV when applying for a new position. 

  1. They are not investing enough time into their CV by making it look attractive. This is your first impression and as we all know you only have one chance for your first impression!
  2. No chronological logical order is followed. Nobody wants to know first what you did 10 years ago!
  3. Do not forget to write your age. Many ladies happen to forget their ages once they are close to 40 and they all look like 25J
  4. Always mentioned your status. Certain companies will not hire you if you are married. Sorry ladies and gentleman but this is reality.
  5. It is also advised to write your weight and height, as many companies like good looking corporate flight attendants.
  6. Mention your strength and what makes you special. Your future employer wants to know why they should hire you.
  7. Mentioned the types of aircrafts you have been working on before. Many ladies forget this and this is vital information. Often you will be preferred because you are familiar with the specific type of aircraft already.
  8. Includes your duties which you fulfilled while working. For example: Preparation of VIP catering and so forth.
  9. Do not forget to mention the types of Visas which you have. The Russian, American, Chinese and Indian Visa are definatly useful.

10.  Tell them your education and your qualifications. Most Russian Corporate Flight Attendants have a University degreeJ

11.  State which languages you speak and how good you speak them.

12.  Mention your training certificates and documents. Also state the name of the organization who conducted the training.

13.  If you worked for well known commercial airlines before do state for how long you have been working in business and first class. The classical way of becoming a corporate flight attendant is to work before for a well know commercial company.

14.  Do not make it too short or to long .1 page is to short and 6 pages is to long as nobody will read it. 2- 3 pages are recommended.

15.  Consistency is what companies like. Be careful if you are constantly switching jobs. It will be difficult to find a new job if you happen to stay nowhere for long.

16.  PICTURES, PICTURES  AND PICTURES. MY number one reason why I have to refuse many CV’s. The international standard is 2 pictures (head and full body in business dress or uniform). Many people have pictures on which they are on the aircraft, in the garden, on a toy crocodile and whatever else you can imagine!!!!! PROFESSIONAL PICTURES PLEASE!

17.  State if you are willing to relocate. If you are based in Europe and you apply for a job in the Middle East than this is important to know.

18.  Mention your computer skills. Basic computer skills are required from all companies today.

19.  Mention extra activities or volunteer work if you have done some. Do know corporate flight attendants which go to India and spend one month per year with orphans. This makes them special and tells allot about themJ

20.  Be honest and never exceed in your Curriculum Vitae.

21.  Do not use the logo of a school on your CV. Do know one company in Russia where everybody who did this school uses the same format for their personal Curriculum Vitae!

22.  Mention your career objective.

Sincerely hope that this information will be helpful in making your CURRICULUM VITAE better!

Dietmar Duller- Expert for Corporate Flight Attendant Training in Customer Service


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