Re-structuring your Corporate Flight Attendant Curriculum Vitae

Receiving more than 100 Curriculum Vitae within the last year has made take a closer look at this topic.  When receiving such CV’s I am often surprised and ask myself if the applicant is aware what business aviation companies are looking for.  To my surprise applicants often have not much of an idea how a CV should be structured and what it needs to include.

Many times I receive a Curriculum Vitae which is very poor for several reasons.

 Common mistakes are

  • No clear structure
  • Many different font sizes
  • Many different typing styles
  • Not enough personal information
  • No date of birth and status
  • No clear description of their work experience
  • No highlighting of your strength
  • Aircraft types are not mentioned
  • Very poor pictures are attached
  • Pictures in which flight attendants pose are attached
  • Pictures in a former commercial aviation business uniforms are attached

Within the last years I have helped many Corporate Flight Attendants to improve their CV and to make it look attractive for business aviation companies.

Sincerely yours,

Dietmar Duller- Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Recruitment –

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