VIP Flight Attendant Training- Training Solutions welcomes 1100th participant

Swiss based VIP cabin attendant training education specialist Training Solutions recently welcomed the 1100th cabin attendant to the 164th VIP cabin crew course in Geneva.

Our unique VIP cabin attendant training courses have been offered on a monthly basis since 2007, welcoming both commercial flight  attendants who wish to work on board bombardier-global-expressprivate jets and experienced VIP cabin crew who wish to improve their knowledge and learn the latest trends. All courses are based on hands-on or learning by doing, small groups ensure personal attention and that participants are involved throughout the two day courses.

Our comprehensive training courses, covering all aspects of customer service excellence and soft skills, are solely delieveredby Dietmar Duller, the founder and course leader of Training Solutions. Cabin crew working on private jets are ambassadors for their companies, with many business aviation companies sending indidivuals when they start their career in business aviation.

Dietmar Duller says that helping cabin attendants to progress in their career is something that makes me proud, as it is rewarding when you are able to help others to reach their goal.

VIP Cabin Crew Training by Training Solutions- 10 Years of Success

Social media 17Swiss VIP flight attendant training specialist Training Solutions is proud to celebrates its 10th anniversary. We started out in 2007 with one business aviation client and since then over 1200 flight attendants from 70 coutries have participated, says Dietmar Duller, founder & course leader of Training Solutions who has personally conducted over 170 training courses.

What sets us apart from our competition is that we focus only on „customer service excellence“ training courses and we always welcome both experienced private jet flight attendants and commercial cabin crew at the same time.

Training courses are based on learning by doing, using real case scenarios and with constant interaction. Many commercial flight attendants have used our training to get an overview of the business aviation industry, it challenges and beauty and work today in this environment.

Today, twenty business aviation companies are clients and more than 30 private jet owners in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa trust us with educating their VIP cabin crew. We look forward to continuing our success story by welcoming many more in the future.



VIP Flight Attendant Training by Training Solutions- 10 Years of Success

Please see below the media article about or VIP Cabin Crew Training by Training Solutions which celebrates 10 Years of Success.

Thank you to over 1200 flight attendants who participated since 2007!

Two Female Flight Attendants are required for Private Jets- Based in Paris

Female, European Nationality
Age 25-45
Fluent in French and English, other languages beneficial
First or Business Class experience, previous purser experience beneficial
Private jet experience beneficial
Initial safety training attestation required
Creative, flexible, motivated and energetic

My contact offers:
Rotation of 20 days on/ 10 days off
Working on different types of private jets
European working contract
Based in or around Paris or willing to relocate
Long term contract

Please forward your Curriculum Vitae with two professional pictures (head and full body in business dress) to me. Thank you.

This job offer has been posted on February 28th 2017

Training Solutions conducts 125th VIP Flight Attendant Service Training Course

800 VIP flight attendants from 50 countries have participated in125 training courses which have taken place in 12 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 2007. Another milestone!

Swiss-based corporate flight attendant training education specialist Training Solutions is celebrating its 125th VIP flight attendant training course in Customer Service Excellence & Soft Skills. Since 2007, Training Solutions has conducted training courses in more than 12 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, counting over 30 chief flight attendants, representing small and large business aviation companies, amongst the many participants.

“VIP flight attendants face many challenges and the confidence to deal with theses challenges is what my training courses provide”, says Dietmar Duller, the Founder and Course Leader of Training Solutions. “Many companies are now doing a lot of business in Africa these days and their VIP flight attendants need to have a good knowledge about Food Safety which is especially important when flying to remote destinations were the availability of catering services are more limited.

Since 2010 Training Solutions has offered monthly two-day open inscription training courses in Geneva, and Many business aviation companies who wish to send their flight attendants appreciate these regular dates as it allows them to plan ahead. Flight attendants with a commercial aviation background also participate frequently, as the courses enable them to gain first-hand inside knowledge of the skills required on corporate and private jets.
Doha in Qatar, Rabat in Morocco, Farnborough in the United Kingdom and Baku in Azerbaijan are amongst the many worldwide training locations and more than 30 business aviation companies and private owners are clients.
What makes Training Solutions unique is that every course is conducted by Dietmar Duller. “Sharing my extensive knowledge, helping and motivating the participants is a real privilege, and one which I enjoy tremendously”.

Training Solutions introduces in-flight child care excellence training for VIP flight attendants

Swiss based corporate flight attendant training education specialist Training Solutions has developed in-flight child care excellence as new training topic.


The number of children flying on private jets in constantly rising and these young guests have special requirements which need to be meet and should be exceeded., Taking very good care of them should be on the priority list of every VIP flight attendant and it starts with the preparation of the cabin which should include a child friendly selection of age suitable toys, educational books and DVD’s which have a learning outcome. As soon as children board the private jet they should be offered some food items as they are often hungry, and small cutleries, glasses without a stem and children menus should be a standard. When preparing and serving children meals and snacks the attendants need to adhere to any religious requirements and observe the parental preferences. The child’s profile has to be frequently updated and it needs to include all food allergies such as milk and dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts and seafood as they represent 90% of all food allergies on children. Bedtime for children is another issue and therefore dangerous items like balloons, coins, marbles and toys that can be squeezed into the child’s mouth should never be close by and need to be avoided. Cabin safety is the most important of all and it has to be ensured that the child has an enjoyable and safe flight. If parents are onboard, the behaviour of their children will greatly influence the overall in-flight experience of the parents and therefore it deserves special attention, states Dietmar Duller, the Founder and Course Leader of Training Solutions who has personally conducted over 110 VIP flight attendant training courses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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30th business aviation clients trusts Training Solutions with training their private jet flight attendants in customer service excellence


In March 2014, Training Solutions welcomed the 30th business aviation client to the growing list of companies who trusts Dietmar Duller with training their VIP flight attendants in customer service excellence. More and more business aviation companies now recognize that because the flight attendants on board private jets have the greatest amount of contact with the customer, their performance is vital to the overall success of the flight. Their choice of training course is made easier, with the knowledge that Dietmar Duller has, he personally conducted over 110 training courses in more than 10 countries. Dietmar Duller’s excellent training ensures that the clients on private jets have a lasting memory of their flight, by ensuring the excellence flight experience, and the impeccable service provided by the flight attendant.